I am the Co-Chair of the Board of Advisors for the La Ceiba Microfinance Institution, a Mentor for the loans team in La Ceiba, and devoted to La Ceiba, its students and clients. I was involved in La Ceiba over the past five years, as a Program Director and student.
I studied International Affairs and Spanish at the University of Mary Washington.
My academic and professional interests lie at the intersection of education and economic development.
With strong family ties to Peru and Spain, passionate about latin culture, travel, soccer, and cross cultural exchanges. Exposed to poverty at an early age, devoted to causes of social justice, and instilled with a sense of duty towards something larger than myself. Sensitive towards others, yet entrenched in an underdog mentality.
I write to explore what that “something larger” is, acknowledge the sensitivities of others, reflect upon the nuances of development work, and articulate my personal code.
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