A Quick Cameo

Microfinance isn’t what I thought it was. My understanding was based off of a simple […]

Poverty Is and Poverty is Not

Working in microfinance, aid, and development more broadly, obviously requires talk about poverty and change. […]

Coffee and Donuts

Image by Kim Geiser via Etsy Shop “Somos cabeza, no somos cola” We are the […]

Smiling and Simplifying

Guillermina has a winning smile. Her enduring kindness makes those around her feel comfortable and […]

Little by Little

She recently finished construction on her cement patio, extended the roof of her porch to […]

Blade and Baleadas

When we arrived the whole family was waiting for us. Laura Isabel Luque, her sister […]

Marlenia Urbina

Monte de los Olivos is a difficult place to get to. It’s a small town […]